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Sleeveless Night Dress

The selection of sleeveless nightwear for women is one the personal choices you make. Each of us will look different in each style of sleeveless nighty. This nightwear add to your glamour and beauty. The issues to be kept in mind while selecting a sleeveless nighty/ nightie/ night gown/ shorts and pyjama set are occasion, type of use, your fit, choice of closure and neck design among many. The nighty’s can be classified into two prominent categories based on its use.     

Sleeveless Nightwear
  • Sleeveless Nighty The Sleeveless Nighty will differ from regular nighty as it has no sleeves. Like the regular nighty, they come in various shapes and sizes with different neck designs. It can be used as a maternity/nursing nighty also. 
  • Sleeveless Nighty with Shoulder Straps -  The Nighty has no sleeves and closure is shoulder straps. The length can be adjusted by using the shoulder straps. They are unique in design and preferred by many for their comfortable designs.
  • Sleeveless Top with Short or Pyjama Set   The top is slip down and sleeveless. The pyjama  or shorts has pockets on both sides and has elastic at the waist. Ideal for daily use and very comfortable.  

Fabric Choices

Trying to have a good night sleep that will rejuvenate and keep you fresh for next day's work. The fitting and fabrics of your nightwear play an important role in that.

· Cotton.  There are various types of cotton fabrics available in the market. The vary from low grade mix of cotton and synthetic polyester to premium quality pure cotton cloth. Good quality cotton has been the preferred choice for its advantages vis a vis other fabric. Have you used a premium quality cotton night wear. It helps your skin breath easily, controls the moisture and keeps your body insulated against the outside temperature. Good cotton fabric does not cause irritation and is easy to maintain. Cotton Fabrics come in different types such as cotton, modal or silk cotton, polyester blended cotton or hosiery.

·  Rayon.  It is an regenerated natural fiber that is produced from cellulose fiber. There are many types and grades of rayon fibers can imitate the feel and texture of natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen present in women Kaftan nighty also. The advantages of the rayon nightwear are that it drapes well, oft, smooth, cool, comfortable, highly absorbent and it is highly versatile. It is durable and easy to wash.

·  Nylon.  The Nylon clothing are best avoided due their disadvantages such as being not natural, causing skin irritation etc.

How to Choose a good Sleeveless Nighty

Choosing an Elegant and Comfortable Nightwear is easy. Just use these five-step given below and you will get an extremely comfortable nightwear within your budget.

·  Choose your fabric. We recommend you to select cotton as it is the preferred choice of most due it’s advantages given above.

·  Choose You Fit.  Each night wear drapes differently on each one of us. Be careful in selecting what fits you the best. You can use AI based Wardrobe software/ applications for the same. Be careful in what you share on these applications.

·  Choose your size.  The skin needs to easily breath and body needs to relax and rejuvenate during sleep. Tight sleepwear is uncomfortable and not recommended. Some prefer to choose at least a size bigger than your usual fit as it gives space for your skin to breathe and a comfortable night's sleep. Please select what fits you the best.

·  While you do all the above do not forget that your night suit must help you to look gracious and elegant at all times.

·  In today’s world, nothing makes you feel more at ease than beautiful nightwear after a grueling day at home / work.

The above five steps will help you to locate an Ideal for night dress. Our sleeveless nighty/ night dress drapes beautifully, is breathable and are one of the most preferred fabric blends. Parijaths offers high quality women's sleeveless cotton nightdresses at affordable prices. Buy now!!


Tell us something abour Parijaths's Sleeveless Night Dress?

It is a tricky question to style a garment and it has varied answers based on what drapes best on you for that occasion. While some like to embrace the bold look, others resort to a simpler approach and the rest like to strike a balance somewhere in between. Women’s night wear is all about how you feel on a certain day. 

We at Parijath's have all the types of Sleeveless Night Wear, be it bold and sexy look or a elegant comfortable night dress. Buy them as per your style and comfort. Click Here to Buy Now.

What are various kinds on Sleeveless Night wear available on Parijath's

The Options available for Sleeveless Night wear are given below. You may select any of them.

    • Sleeveless Top and Pyjama Set   The sleeveless top is slip down design. There are two pockets in the pyjama /bottom with elastic at the waist. Ideal for daily use and very comfortable. 
    • Sleeveless Top and Shorts Set   It has a Sleeveless Top. The short has elastic at the waist with pockets on both sides.. Ideal for daily use and very comfortable.
    • Sleeveless Nighty   The Sleeveless Nighty has been designed with a mobile pocket. The length of the nighty is 54 inches.
    • Sleeveless Short Nighty    A short knee length Nighty. The length is 42 - 43 inches.
    • Sleeveless Nighty with Shoulder Straps  The Nighty has shoulder straps. The length of the nighty is 54 inches. The length can be adjusted by using the shoulder straps. 
    • Sleeveless Nighty with Shoulder Straps    A short knee length Nighty with shoulder straps. The length is 41-42 inches. The length of nighty can be adjusted by using the shoulder straps. 
How can we buy from Parijaths?

You can simply browse through our website and shop for beautiful and latest collection of  night wear.

What are the various offers and discounts on Pariajths?

The offers and discounts keep changing based on various factors. We will keep you updated once you register with us by clicking here.

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